Atlantic Business Enterprise

Atlantic Business Enterprise (ABE) established in 1999 with the aim to serve Textile Industry in the most modern, professional, useful way and to introduce new ideas for the safety of Textile Spinning Mills, making value added and profitable products and improve quality of Yarn.

Atlantic Business Enterprise has expanded its operation in UAE and Bahrain for the sales of Textile Machinery, Installation and after sales services of the machinery from our Karachi Office. Our Company has participated in major International Textile Shows like ITMA, ITMA ASIA, IGATEX, ATME, ITM etc. ABE is representing world renowned following principals and believe that there is no progress without innovation so introduced our principal first time in Pakistan with their innovative ideas.

Our Principals

ABE enjoys excellent contacts and relations with the Textile Industry of Pakistan and providing reliable and sincere services and repeated orders from our customers is showing their confidence on our services.

We pray with ALMIGHTY ALLAH for the progress of Business and maintaining our relations with our customers and to expand our Business and relations with new principals and customers.