Pinter Caipo

Pinter Caipo is the result of a merger of these two companies. Pinter is based in Spain near Barcelona and Caipo is based in Italy near Biella.

We are specialised in the design and engineering of ring frame attachments for the production of special yarns such as Core Yarn and Slubs. FANI, which is based in Italy near Vicenza, is a third company of the group and it is specialised in the design of monitoring systems and filament detectors.

In the Core Yarn area, Pinter Caipo is supplying equipment for: elastomer core spinning, hard core yarn and Duo Core.

In the Slub area, Pinter Caipo is supplying equipment for ring frames and OE machines to produce: slub yarn, multicount/multitwist, and Injected slubs.

In the monitoring area, Fani is supplying online monitoring systems with its own software for ring frames, elastomer and filament detectors as well as roving stop devices.

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The company FA.NI has been present in the textile automation and control industry since 1975. The vast experience which the company FA.NI has gained as a result of its direct involvement in the problems of the textile industry, its constant research, the flexibility and adaptability of its products and its ability to satisfy the specific requirements of its customers has made it possible to FA.NI to install hundreds of thousands of devices all over the world.

The Main Products in which FA.NI produce are as follows:

  • Yarn Break detectors
  • Roving Stop Motion
  • Core-Spun breakage detectors
  • Detectors for Roving Frame
  • Monitoring systems

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ARGUS FIRE CONTROL is the leading manufacturer of automatic fire protection and metal detection systems for the textile and non-woven industry worldwide.

Our advanced high speed systems detect any metal or spark in less than 50 milliseconds and extinguish or divert them to protect the production process.

Our systems are installed on all types of textile production machinery and filtration systems.

C.E.I.A S.p.A., Italy

CEIA THS Metal Detectors detect metal contaminants accidentally present in industrial products with levels of sensitivity, immunity to interference and response speeds exceeding the strictest Quality Control Standards.

THS Detectors allow the interception of magnetic and nonmagnetic metals, including high-resistivity stainless steel.
An automatic tracking function cancels out any variation in product effect caused by the product under inspection.

The THS Metal Detector’s wide bandwidth allows maximum sensitivity operation at both high and low transit speeds. This line of metal detectors has been adopted by the leading companies in the food, chemical, textile and pharmaceutical fields.

Martel Srl, Italy

The company Martèl s.r.l. is currently the Italian leader in air treatment technologies applied to all TEXTILE processes where rigorous control of temperature, humidity, and dust filtration is required.
Martèl is the biggest Italian company in the production of air handling quipment for textile factories.
Martèl was born from the reorganization of the company IVS (Idrotermica Valle Seriana s.n.c.) that was Founded in 1966, boasts in his background experience of over 46 years

Martèl is specialized in engineering, design, construction, installation and after-sales service of:
Professional air conditioning, air humidification, air filtration and dust suction, mainly for textile industries.

The origin of the name Martèl

Martèl's name is inspired by the historical roots of the family Bertocchi, in fact,Martèl is the nickname used in our village to identify the descendants of Francesco Bertocchi son of Antonio that everyone knew and call him Martèl because he plays the famous hammer bells of the village.
(hammer in our dialect is Martèl)
A trace of these sources was discovered in an old article appeared in the September issue of the
magazine's 1935 "La val Gandino", where in particular was shown the text of the letter written "by

• Year 1966: Formation of the company called "IVS s.n.c." of Franco Bertocchi & C., with business premises in Gandino (BG), Via G. Nosari, 18
• Year 1986: Conversion of the company under the new name of firm "Martèl s.r.l."
• Year 1989: Development of the business wealth with the formation of the property and finance company of the Franco Bertocchi family, under the firm named "LA META s.r.l."
• Year 1990: Business development with the formation of an associated company, for the management of the technical and sales division "Martèl ENGINEERING s.r.l." (now absorbed in the main company)
• Year 1997: Business and production expansion in Mexico with the formation of the branch office “AERO TEXTIL MEXICANA S.A. DE C.V."
• Year 2002: Opening of the new factory in Casnigo (BG) Italy.
• Year 2005: Expansion of the commercial investments in south-America, starting new activities and relationships in Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Argentina.
• Year 2011: Thanks to our 45 Years of honesty and quality, our products have been purchased (directly or indirectly) by some of the biggest companies in the world: PETROBRAS – ENI – SIEMENS – GENERAL MOTORS – FIAT – IVECO .


POZZI LEOPOLDO has been manufacturing textile machinery since 1885: a long history of expertise and professional service backed up by a constant search for innovative technology and state-of-the-art know-how to guarantee customers over the years dedicated service, maintenance and upgrade of working plants throughout the world.

Well aware of nowadays’ challenges, with a vision of progress that integrates immediate and longer-term objectives, POZZI LEOPOLDO has been among the first machine builders to work towards sustainability, designing and constructing energy-saving products certified by independent national boards.

To allow the shift to a safe and sustainable low-carbon and low-input economy POZZI LEOPOLDO participates in IGATEX, LAHORE 2014 to represent the wide variety of its products, which ranges from dyeing machines to  chemical dispensing systems, from fixing and conditioning machinery to heat recovery units, RCR being the first rotating energy optimizer ever built to successfully recover heat from heavily polluted water effluents, especially designed for the textile industry, but practically used anywhere there is a discharge of dirty hot water and the will to recover otherwise wasted heat.

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Jeanologia is the world leader in sustainable and efficient finishing technologies for textile, coding, packaging, and other industrial applications.

We have succeeded as a team of designers and engineers, researchers and economists, all working together for developing technologies that will change industries and will save people’s lives.

The company is highly committed to industrial productivity, energy efficiency, environmental and human respect

“What matters is not only the product itself, but also the way in which it is made, how it is produced.”


Pneumatic Top Arm
Our YUHUA brand pneumatic top arm is the No. 1 pneumatic top arm in China; with over 20 years’ experience, we have a market share of 70% in China

Compact Spinning System
Can be applied to both new and old machines. It can reduce fibers exceeding 3mm by 70% and increase single strand strength by 10%; Uster parameters improved significantly. We sold more than 1000 machines (about 0.5 million spindles) last year.

Textile Machinery Accessories
As a textile machinery accessories supplier, we provide varies of products like rings, bottom rollers, top rollers, bobbins, etc.


Welcome at REWO-Tapes, your partner for roller-coverings.

More than 40 years experience in the field of roller-coverings stand for Just Quality.

Upkeeper Corporation

Industrial cleaning solutions start with a proper assessment of your needs. From textile manufacturing to reusable product reclamation, Upkeeper Corporation provides a custom solution for your commercial cleaning needs. Upkeeper Corporation offers Industrial cleaning solutions that cover a diverse array of problems.

  • Typical Lint and Fiber Cleanup
  • Threads
  • Scraps
  • Wood and Metal Shavings
  • Clippings
  • Plastic Debris and Pellets
  • Sawdust
  • Vent Screens
  • Styrofoam Peanuts & Popcorn
  • Cans and Cups

Our commercial vacuum cleaners and products are currently being used successfully in an equally wide range of industries including:

  • Textile Manufacturing
  • Apparel Industry
  • Paper
  • Furniture Manufacturing
  • Plastic
  • Launderers
  • Restaurant and Nightclubs
  • Bars
  • Woodworking
  • Theaters
  • Amusement Parks
  • Bowling Alleys
  • Post Offices
  • Distribution Centers
  • and many more