Pinter Caipo

Pinter Caipo is the result of a merger of these two companies. Pinter is based in Spain near Barcelona and Caipo is based in Italy near Biella.

We are specialised in the design and engineering of ring frame attachments for the production of special yarns such as Core Yarn and Slubs. FANI, which is based in Italy near Vicenza, is a third company of the group and it is specialised in the design of monitoring systems and filament detectors.

In the Core Yarn area, Pinter Caipo is supplying equipment for: elastomer core spinning, hard core yarn and Duo Core.

In the Slub area, Pinter Caipo is supplying equipment for ring frames and OE machines to produce: slub yarn, multicount/multitwist, and Injected slubs.

In the monitoring area, Fani is supplying online monitoring systems with its own software for ring frames, elastomer and filament detectors as well as roving stop devices.

Pinter Caipo Fani has agents and technical service all over the world. If you want to learn more about us, please visit us at